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Why Use The Water Prospector

We use state-of-the-art equipment that helps us identify the best place to find water on your property. With this equipment, we can see the geological structures beneath the surface. In Hard Rock locations, the only area on the property that will contain enough water for a well is a Fracture. We can identify the shape, size, and density of the Fractures that travel through your property. This is a proven method that takes the guesswork out of drilling. Drilling is very expensive. So you need to ensure that you are getting the most water for your money. Our scans will ensure that you are getting the maximum results capable of your property and avoiding drilling a dry hole.


Most local governments have a Board of Geology. They require that anyone that conducts groundwater surveys needs to be licensed and properly educated in this field. We have to operate by the guidelines set forth by the government rules and regulations in each area that we operate in. This is to ensure that our surveys and tests are done properly.

Beware of non-licensed scam artists. Many individuals claim to be geologists or just claim to have a secret way of finding water. You stand to lose a lot of time and money with the driller if you use any unlicensed surveyors.

Dowsers / Witchers

There are also witchers, dowsers, or diviners (different names for the same method). Most of them try to do the best they can to find you water. Even if they are honest and have a good reputation, the methods they use are very risky. They are not licensed, and there is no college degree in witching or dowsing, so you never know what you are going to get. Witching / Dowsing is a very ancient method that does not work well, especially in difficult hard rock conditions.

Remember, you are going to spend thousands of dollars to drill these locations. You want to make sure that you are picking the best spot possible on your property. There are many dry or low producing wells around the world. Most of those have been witched. If a witcher is lucky enough to find a fracture, they do not necessarily find the best location within the fracture. This results in low producing wells. Our scans allow us to see the targets before you drill. Using a witcher, you are drilling blind.

Best Price and Best Method

Our Central and Southern California water well surveys are the most cost-effective in the industry. Many other systems are very time consuming, labor-intensive, and NOT ACCURATE. We can cover more property areas with more detailed data than any other company. Some companies use the EKS Electro Seismic system, also called soundings. These companies charge per sounding, not by time or area surveyed. This is a very expensive approach.

Each sounding only covers a 50-foot diameter area. If you have a large property, it will require A LOT of soundings. Many will take a more random approach by charging for 10 soundings and then check random parts of your property to save money. This leaves many holes in the survey, which means they can miss a good target. Our VLF method covers your property with a grid scan leaving NO holes. The EKS system also requires the ability to drive a vehicle to every sounding site. Our surveys are conducted on foot. If we can hike it, we can survey it. Even the UK's EKS system Ground Flow LTD manufacturer tells its users that this system is NOT designed for use with large water-filled caverns and fractures. THIS SYSTEM SHOULD NOT BE USED IN HARD ROCK SURVEYS.


Be sure to work with a driller that has a good reputation. Do not just focus on getting the best price. Make sure they have a good track record and proper license. Remember, most drillers charge by the foot, and the dishonest ones would love to drill several holes for you instead of one. Unlike our competitors, our groundwater locating services help drillers create a hole in the correct spot without re-drilling.

Real Estate

We highly recommend that you let us survey a property before you purchase it. There are many properties that have very few good fractures. These types of properties will never be able to produce enough water to sustain a household or satisfy the current requirements to obtain a building permit in your area.

We also recommend that you drill a test hole before you close escrow. We can only make sure that you are drilling in the best area possible on the property. That does not guarantee how many GPM (Gallons per minute) the well will produce. There is no way of predicting that. Beware of anyone who is quoting GPM. They are most likely dishonest and certainly not certified. If you already have a low producing or dry well, you should consider our service before drilling again. There may be other more promising targets on your property.


We have been successfully finding great water for our clients since 2002 when we started our service. We would not still be in business if we did not find the best water in the most difficult locations.
Drilling a water well is very expensive and risky. Even with all of the technology and knowledge that we have, there is still a risk. But we have been able to minimize that risk for you and maximize your potential for a great well.


How to Find Water For A Well

Do you need to know the best place for water on your property? As experts in the industry, we will elaborate on how to find water for a well.

The Water Prospector

Use Expert Methods and Drillers

You can locate groundwater using a variety of drilling methods. By using several techniques to drill, you can accurately determine how deep to go as well as the quality of the groundwater. While it is important to get down to business and drill holes, it is equally important to find the proper place for your well. This will ensure you avoid contaminants and unusable water. From there, we recommend hiring a reputable driller.

Look for Wells Already Existing in the Target Area

By acquiring information about how wells have been previously drilled, you can infer that, if there is already quality water in these areas, you can drill a well. Scope out your property and consider every possible pre-existing opportunity for drilling.

Watch Out for Rocks

When you locate groundwater and a desirable place to drill, you need to evaluate the geology on your property to ensure it can support a well in Hard Rock regions such as we have in most of California. Identifying fractures is essential to locating water underground and helps you find a clear space for drilling.

What About Water Witching/Dowsing?

We advise staying away from this method as it is very unreliable. Witches and dowsers are not licensed, and this method does not work well in difficult geology as we have in California.

Water Witchers are the cause for most dry holes. If you do choose to use this method, be sure to have the targets verified by a licensed scientific method before you drill. You need a service that will provide all the information you need to know about the water beneath the ground.

Obtain State Permits

Each state carries out certain programs for good construction. Be sure to check for permits, which can only be applied for by licensed drillers. The EPA has more information regarding constructing water wells nationally.

If you need to locate water at an affordable price, we can assist you and show you how to find water for a well. The Water Prospector will discover the BEST place for your well; we offer a team of licensed professionals with the right tools and technology. We service California – call today.

The Water Prospector

Well Water Search/Locator Services

Before you commit to drilling, our team will assist you in searching for water. There are a few things to keep in mind.

The Process

When searching for wells, prospectors will observe the entire landscape. The first step includes creating a geologic map of the area. This highlights areas where rocks could be an issue. This is also used in conjunction with groundwater reports. A well water locator service is much smoother than simply drilling holes until you find the perfect spot because it employs a strategy based on an area's geographical surroundings.

Use Surveys

A survey is a well water locator service that proposes an ideal spot to drill a water well.

Surveys and tests should be performed in a manner that is in accordance with state and city standards. This is to ensure there are no issues before and after drilling.

When Locating, Hire Professionals

Be sure you hire a reputable service to assist you. No matter if you are purchasing real estate or looking to drill on a property you already own, we can help.

We offer almost 50 years of experience in the industry. A water well is a huge investment. The Water Prospector in Central and Southern California can assist you in making the well water locating process easier and affordable.

Water Well Survey Services

We highly recommend a water well survey prior to drilling. This cut costs as drilling can be very expensive, and we want to get the location right the first time. Here are some commonly asked questions.

The Water Prospector

What Happens During a Water Well Survey Service?

This type of service finds potential locations for your well, understanding rock positions and formations in landscaping along the way. Using this process is more reliable than witching as it relies on scientific data more than chance.

During our survey service, we will find the aquifer, depth, and yield of a groundwater source and provide you with a detailed understanding of where water is located on your property.

How Does a VLF Survey differ from other methods?

Our VLF survey is more affordable than other methods such as EKS or Soundings. Our VLF system is portable. The survey is done on foot. Soundings require access for a vehicle. Soundings require a lot of luck since that type of survey leaves gaps. We scan a property in a grid pattern. Leaving NO gaps. Our system generates a detailed image of the subsurface geology. Our VLF can pinpoint where to drill and get the best results.

Where on the Property Should I Have My Survey Completed?

We complete each water well survey with the property owner's requested area in mind.

What Are the Benefits of Surveys?

You will not have to pay for test holes. Additionally, with a skilled team, you will find the best place to locate and drill water.

The Water Prospector performs water well survey services on the following types of properties:

  • Ranches

  • Residential

  • Agriculture

  • Vacant Land

  • Commercial Properties

De-Watering Wells

We also offer locating services for Clients suffering from nuisance water that is causing problems in homes or on there land. Much like Water Well locating we can survey your property to locate the source of natural springs that are coming up in unwanted locations. Once we have located this the home owner can construct a Dry Well or a De-Watering well to capture this unwanted water.