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Due to our Client Privacy Policy, we only provide Testimonials and References from our clients that have permitted us to use the info in their report.

We understand that water is a critical issue in many real estate transactions; however, all of our report information is confidential due to this sensitive situation.


Our Client in Redlands CA reported getting 70 gallons per minute on our target.

Our experience with Ferdinand and his team were excellent! The Water Prospector report aided in the development of a residential lot, by identifying several ground water locations. If nuisance water is an issue on a project again, we won’t hesitate to contact Ferdinand. Gina Centoni President, Centoni Restoration and Development, Inc.

Our client in Fallbrook CA. hit 150 gallons per minute on our target. Great Results!!.

Following the recommendation of the Water Prospector as to location and depth, the well driller successfully completed an 8" well to 260' with an estimated 250 GPM. I was very pleased.

We are in the process of building a home and despite having municipal water, wanted a well to supply water for our daily needs, irrigation system, orchard, and pool. Anyone who has dug a well (or is thinking about digging a well) knows that it is a costly endeavor and according to many people, a gamble. We're so fortunate that our neighbor recommended Ferdinand. At first, we were hesitant to engage him given many people claiming that identifying underground water isn't possible and that you just "have to dig and hope you get lucky". However, Ferdinand proved otherwise. He identified three drill spots on our property. The one we chose to drill was projected by Ferdinand to be 325' deep. As back-up confirmation, I had a water witcher come to the property and he too identified the location (which was unmarked) that Ferdinand felt was our best chance to hit water. Once our driller got onsite and got to work, they hit 55 GPM at around 350' depth. Water Prospector saved us thousands in drilling costs. We couldn't be happier with the result and highly recommend his services.

Steve in La Cresta, CA

We purchased a property in Poway with a few acres and many plants that needed water. We got a recommendation to hire Ferdinand Metz / the Water Prospector. We hired them last year to map our property to find the best spots to drill for water. Stehly Brothers drilled at that location and found water at 920 feet. Incredibly, it produced 100 gallons a minute. Hiring Ferdinand/Water prospector was a terrific decision.

Mike B, Poway CA


Our client in Woodlake CA just reported getting 180 gallons per minute on our target. This was after drilling a dry hole on a Water Witcher's target. Our client has an Olive grove and needed this water to make his farm sustainable. We can help you find water too..

Our client Mike in Escondido reported that he got 10 gallons per minute from his new residential well.

Our client Desai Farms in Moreno Valley has reported that they have hit 50 Gallon's Per Minute at 400 feet on our target. This is just one of many wells we have located for this client. All with great results.

Nov 2022

Our client Bob H in Temecula CA just reported that he hit 120 Gallons Per Minute on his new well. This is Bob's second well that we helped him with, the first made approx. 40 GPM. Before Bob found us he first contracted another service in the area and unfortunately drilled a dry hole. Glad he has some great wells now.

Oct 2022

We hired the Water Prospector to survey our ranch for a drilling site for our new well. We live in a difficult area and felt the need to bring as much technology to the search as possible. These folks provided a report that was concise, accurate and identified a great water source. We are elated with the results. Brad Santa Barbara County, CA

Sept 2022

Our client Shelly in Escondido CA reports that she hit 300 gallons per minute on our target. Great results especially during a severe drought.

Aug 2022

Dear water prospector, Thank you so much for your detailed scan of our 6 acre property and for your amazing suggestion of where to drill our well. We hit well over 150 gallons per minute at 680 ft exactly where you suggested we drill. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much. Zach in Murrieta, CA

May 2022

Our client Greg in Malibu CA let us know that he hit water at 350', 450' and 600' He now has a great source of water.

May 2022

We’re looking for a sustainable well of 250-300g/ min and it looks like we’re going to get it. A big Thank You to you and your team Mat at the Pinery in Escondido CA

May 2022

Our cemetery has considered a well for several years, but we were not sure how to select the location for the well. On the recommendation of our drilling contractor, we contacted the Water Prospector to perform a Ground Water Survey. They identified seven good targets. After our contractor and The Water Prospector discussed which target was the best, we selected Target Y for the well site. The contractor hit water at 350 ft. and continued to a depth of 500 ft. The well is producing enough water to meet all our irrigation needs.

I would highly recommend The Water Prospector to assist in your well project. It was worth the time and investment. Carrie Perryman Dearborn Memorial Park

May 2022

May 2022 Julian CA. We wanted to let you know we drilled our well at target Y and hit 1st water at 130ft @10 GPM. We drilled to a final depth of 400ft @ 70 GPM. No hard solid rock and was mostly layers of soft DG hard packed DG and Julian Schist. I would highly recommend you to anyone drilling a well. Thanks, jeff and Cori

March 2022

I was very hesitant of hiring someone to run test’s on my land in Lucerne Valley, Ca. I’m very happy I decided to go with Ferdinand because we now have a 25 gallon a minute of clear water. Definitely worth the investment. Thank you again, Water Prospector Omar Chavez.

March 2022

After talking to a few well drillers, Ferdinand came recommended to try and identify an area of rock fracturing. After surveying our property, he was able to locate two potential water bearing targets. We drilled on his recommendation, and found a substantial quantity of water at exactly the location and depth he had suggested. Most folks I had spoken with said well drilling is a gamble of sorts-I was glad to have Ferdinand’s help to reduce the uncertainty.

-Andy P Carlsbad, CA

March 2022

Our client Luke in Vista CA reported getting 125 gallons per minute on his best target.

Feb 2022

Our Client in San Marcos reports hitting 125 GPM on our target.

Feb 2022

We used Water Prospect service to explore ground water for our well project in two sites. The surveys were thorough and detailed with explanations of the result and exact target location. I appreciate that Water Prospect gave us three target points of the underground water locations for each site sorted from the strongest. We drilled one of the strongest target location in one of the sites. The result was we got a well with water velocity of 125 gpm. I asked the drilling company and it was one of the best on the area, as the highest he ever encountered around there is 150 gpm. So, good job and thank you, Water Prospect Team! ADNA Farms

Feb 2022

Our client in Aguanga CA just reported hitting 14 Gallons per Minute on his new well.

Jan 2022

Our client is California City reports that she got 75 gallons per minute on our best target.

Jan 2022

Our client in Awanahee CA. reports that they got 60 Gallons per minute on our target. They drilled down to 500 feet. This is great results since many wells in that area are down to 1200 feet and produce 10 GPM.

Sept 2021

Omar in Lucerne Valley got 25 gpm from our target.


Sept 2021

Paul in La Cresta got 100 gpm on his best target.


Sept 2021

Mike in East Temecula reported this: we were at 24 gallons per minute but once they added the pipe all the way down to prevent the collapsing they said it was producing about 10-12 gallons per minute.


Sept 2021

Julie in Auberry CA: We found water at 430 ft. right on the spot Brandon marked. Tentatively 8 gpm. Considering the long drought, and many problems in this area finding water, this was an unexpected and fantastic outcome.
I am so happy with the results. The driller said it will be a great well for many, many years to come. I will and do highly recommend your services.


Aug 2021

Kevan in Pioneer town got 15 gpm from our target.


Apr 2021 I recently was getting information on drilling a well for my property in Warner Springs. I looked up water locators to help me find the best spot to put my well. I came across the water prospector and we hit it off from the start. They were extremely informational and helpful on finding me the best spot to drill. They were a reasonable price and well worth the money compared to where I would have drilled without their input. Once we started drilling we were able to get 38 gallons per minute which is more than anyone in the valley around me and very stable levels. I recommend the water prospector and Hope that you will use them prior to drilling your well as they were able to save me tons of money drilling multiple Wells in order to achieve the amount of water I was looking for.

Jameson Warner Springs CA

Mar 2021 I would highly recommend Ferdinand and his company Water Prospectors! His report is a great tool for your due diligence of your well excavation and provides you with insight not seen before.


After researching historical accounts of flooded mines in most excavations in the late 1800 in my area of Orange County, California I was convinced I could find water on my property I recently purchased. I was referred to Ferdinand of Water Prospectors for a survey of the property to find the best location to drill a well.


I choose Water Prospectors over other classic "water witching" methods to survey for underground water because of the VLF technology they use to see the structures below the surface of the property.


Ferdinand explained to me everything his survey would do for me in the search for the best areas to drill for water and exactly how he would conduct his survey. Ferdinand completed his survey in the time he planned and found 2 potential aquifers that could provide water at a reasonable depth. One of the two locations was the preferred location due to the size of the aquafer as compared to the other one.


After the survey was completed Ferdinand compiled the raw data into a report that included colored graphs and coinciding colored scans of the structural makeup below the surface at the locations for the well. Ferdinand’s survey was able to record two VLF stations for one of the well sites that provided a good cross section of the aquifers structure. Practically a 3D image of that aquifer. The report included detailed information of the VLF technology and just what it can and cannot provide in my search for water.


Water Prospectors report encouraged me to take the chance and financial risk to go ahead and drill the well best suited on my property.


While conducting the drilling of the well I was able to confirm with the drillers what structural formations we were at and what was to come as indicated in the report. The report showed exactly what we physically encountered as the drilling process continued.


Fortunately, my well found water producing 12 gallons per minute at the depth Ferdinand’s report indicated.


Scott Johnson
Managing Director

Feb 2021 Our property is in a remote part of Owens Valley and few drillers service this area, so costs are high. We needed assurance that the well would be successful on the first try. We found Water Prospector/Ferdinand Metz online, and he did a thorough electronic survey of our entire property. 3 spots with underground water possibilities were found, and we proceeded to drill in the best of the three. The results were fantastic, we got 80 gpm from a 150 foot well, exceeding our expectations! In addition, Ferdinand supplied a detailed water report for the property, including color coded maps of the underground formations. His cost was reasonable, and especially considering the consequences of coming up dry by random drilling, his service is truly essential!

Dec 2020 I was helping out some monks to drill a water well on their 21 acres avocado orchard in a region that has more dry wells than productive ones.
Thank you Water Prospector for taking the time to explain the process to me. They were very helpful in clarifying the capabilities of the equipment & process, and honest about its limitation.
Thank you Ferdinand and his teammate for performing a very thorough mapping/surveying of the orchard, and locating 2 promising targets which were also crossed checked with another water location technique - a bonus.
We drilled at Water Prospector's best target and hit fracture pockets: yielding 35 GPM @ 100ft and 75 GPM @1100 ft. The Monks are extremely happy!
Thank you Water Prospector for your professionalism and dedication.
Sean Nguyen for the Monks, Valley Center

Dec 2020 When looking to drill a well on my property, I wrestled with having someone come out and “locate” the perfect spot, but once I chatted with Ferdin and I knew this was a different kind of locating than I’d read about. He used state of the art equipment and mapped my entire property.

Afterward located several potential targets for the driller. The target the Water Prospector suggested ended up producing 150GPM after just 175ft of drilling! I wouldn’t call that luck. Without the Water Prospector we might have been stuck with a dry well or much less water. Do yourself a favor and call the Water Prospector, you won’t be sorry!

Ray in LaCresta, CA

Oct 2020 I am a home owner in Ramona, Ca. that has two seasonal wells on a 9 acre property. One well was drilled by a previous owner and the second was drilled 7 years ago by me. Both have been minimal producers and not able to sustain the irrigation load that we have. Up until this year, the residents of this area could rely on a city run untreated water system to support their irrigation needs. That system is now beyond life and is shutting down. The cost of county or city related options for continued irrigation have proven to be astronomical.

Being that my previous well drilling experience was basically ‘blind drilling’ informed only by water dowsing, I wanted solid pre-data that was more science based and more substantial prior to deciding to sink more money into another hole. Research lead me to Water Prospector and their approach to advising a client on where to drill and what is possible in the suggested locations. Mr. Ferdinand Metz is who responded to my call for service. He made it clear how the process works, the tools used, and was very clear that they identify underground fractures that ‘could’ hold water not water itself. In his subsequent survey, he identified 3 possible targets. Of course we decided to drill the target that had the best chances of producing water at the quantities needed to support our property.

Drilling was completed the week of October 9th. It was very interesting to follow along with the driller as he progressed. It is notable that the types of strata/fracture zones predicted by Mr. Metz were encountered within 50 feet of where he predicted. As long as the driller was definitely in the variable structures, we kept drilling. Substantial water was finally reached at approximately 680 feet. We decided to go deeper to see if we could up the flow rate. It’s a good thing that we did because we eventually encountered a big fracture holding enough water to make us water secure for years to come.

Water Prospector took a lot of risk out of our identifying a drilling site with potential, but, the depth at which we hit substantial water was well below the start of the mapped fracture zones. Given that this well is no more than 250 feet from the previous wells on the property says that understanding what is really under your feet goes a long way towards having a chance at a productive outcome. I would never drill another well without the kind of predictive data provided by a service like Water Prospector.

Greg in Ramona

July 2020 We were so pleased with our experience with Ferdinand from The Water Prospector. We drilled at the top location he provided and had no problem getting water for our mountain property. Lovely to work with and very professional. We would highly recommend. Have him out for a visit before drilling for a well, for sure.

Laurie and Paul Ramage, Idylwild CA

May 2020 Our client Maury in Cayuma CA reports that he hit 5 GPM for one of his new wells.

March 2020 Kevin in Agua Dulce CA got 63 GPM for his new well. This property was surveyed by 3 different water witchers before we scanned the property and all 3 said there was NO water on the property. He now has one of the best wells in his area.

March 2020 Mike H in Murrietta CA reports he hit 7 GPM on his new well.

Nov 2019 Our client the Ocean Hills Country Club in Oceanside CA reports that they hit 1200 GPM on our target

This will keep there golfcourse very green. Amazing results!!

Oct 2019

Our client Bihn Kunn reports that he got 15 GPM on our target for his property in Tehachapi, CA

Sept 2019

Our client Bob Hemme in Fallbrook CA got 30 GPM on our best target. He hired us after using another survey company in his area. He drilled on there best target and got a dry hole.

Aug 2019

Great article that our client wrote about using our services and there well drilling experience.


Aug 2019
We wanted to reach out to you this evening to say that we have been drilling for two days now on our property you scanned on the best spot you marked for us for water. Last night at 500 feet the drillers hit 12 gallons per minute. This is the best outcome they have seen in a while in our area. With that said, thank you for your time and your companies dedication to seeking water for the people who’s fate lyes in the hands of it. Our lives were turned upside down 9 months ago when the fire took everything we have worked so hard for. Hitting water has given us the go ahead to build a home just outside of Paradise and you were a part of that.
Thank you, Nikki

Nikki Sanders
Remax of Paradise #01909165

June 2019

Just wanted to drop you a line to keep your potential customers in the loop on my experience with your company
I started my well project with a recommended local “witcher”, after a couple of failed attempts, thousands of dollars in missed drillings costs, I bumped into your service with an online search, and what a life saver. My property was large, and your system to search my property turned up a density of 25, which you indicated was strong. I authorized my driller for one last attempt at the spot you designated with your new technology and WALA we hit water at the spot you indicated. This was a life saver and I would recommend you to anyone tp use before you begin drilling. The cost for your service is a fraction of what a dry drilling will cost.

In addition, your continued support and communication throughout the process was highly professional and appreciated.

Thx again Ferdinand much appreciate your help on this well project.

John Yanes. Lockwood Valley. CA

May 2019

We hit two empty fractures at 400 and 500 ft
Then kept going all the way to 1000 ft where we hit at 100 gpm.
600 ft was 70 gpm, and static level was at 173.
Thank you again for the great service!!

David, Temecula CA

Nov 2018

We just got an update from our client Mr Henkhaus in Anza CA. He hit 10 gallons per minute on our target. There old well had run dry due to the drought. glad we could find them a good source.

Aug 2018

Thanks to Water Prospector. At some point in the drilling I was nervous it had been several months since Ferdinand did the survey so I wrote and asked if the drought could affect his prospect and he told me that the fracture was between 200 and 400 and if they had reached the 200. They kept going and at about 190 they hit the fracture. They went to 360 at which point there was ample water supply. Personally I think a drought season may be the best time to drill because if not a dry season the driller may stop short that may dry up during a drought. By the way Water Prospector found two targets and gave there recommendation. My brother called the witchery guy he had come out prior to Water Prospector and told my brother that there was no water so my wife went on-line and found Water Prospector and we feel blessed.

Steve Small Castaic CA

July 2018

Our client FMA Ranch in Coaling CA reported that they hit 35 gallons per minute of our target.

May 2018

We are very satisfied with the survey the Water Prospector conducted on our farm. We hit 300 Gallons per Minute on the target that they located. Great Results!!

JD Farms, North San Diego County

Mar 2018

Our Client Desai Farms just reported that there latest well that we located for them is producing 50 GPM in Moreno Valley. This is the 10th succesful well we have located for them. They have farms in De Luz and Moreno Valley. There wells range from 150 GPM to 25 GPM.

Nov 2017

Our client Bill in Temecula, CA just reported that he hit 150 gallons per minute on the target we located for him. He has an orchard and like many people has been stuck paying very high rates for his water. This well will make his orchard more profitable.

Sept 2017

We just got this from a client near Big Bear CA, They had a well that went dry. They tried to drill a new well but it was dry too. They called the Water Prospector and we were able to help them get a successful well.
"Thank you for the services and the report. It was a pleasure to work with you and the team! Your services were exactly as were described, and our results have been excellent. Well locations are not easily found in our area, and we couldn't have found a productive well site without your expertise. Thank you very much! I would recommend you highly to anyone!"

Best regards,
Augis Gedgaudas

Director, Camp Rambynas, Holcomb Valley, California

Feb 2017

Many thanks for the Ground Water Survey that you did on my Thousand Oaks property in late August. Based on the results of your survey, I contacted a drilling company to begin the process. They began drilling near one of the two targets that you had identified. They found water as we had hoped, and ultimately drilled to 400 feet to produce the water volume that was needed. The Well Completion Report shows the estimated yield at 10 gallons per minute.

Thanks again for your help.


The Water Prospector